Co-Ordinated Nukiller Waste Train Protests On July 23rd

DRS [ Direct Rail Services ] is the company which transports nukiller waste along the railways.

On July 23rd DRS will be holding an open day at their Crewe depot.

Anti-nukiller power activists from the Close Capenhurst Campaign will be leafleting the train spotters who will be attending this event.

This protest will be held between 10.30. & 14.30.

The protest may last to 15.00. if there are enough people to do so on the day

We still need more activists to come along and help out on the day.

At the same time there will be co-ordinated events outside some of the other railways stations this muck is taken through.

If you can make it to Crewe, or want more info about these events, then please do contact the Close Capenhurst Campaign.