Countering Capenhurst – Autumn 2014 Edition

Welcome to Countering Capenhurst

This is the first of a series of Close Capenhurst Campaign Supporters newsletters.

In this and future editions we will give a brief summary of our campaigning work.

So Far

Since the establishment of CCC we have spent a lot of time finding out about URENCO and just what happens at the Capenhurst plant. All this information is available upon our website.

Earlier in the year we collected a petition calling for the URENCO owned
Capenhurst uranium enrichment and storage facility to be closed down. This was handed in to the plant in April.

Uranium Hexafloride

An important aspect of how the Capenhust plant operates centres around the transportation, processing, and storage of Uranium Hexafloride.

Here is how it works – – – – –

Uranium shipped by sea to Ellesmere Port, and then taken by Road to Capenhurst where it is enriched

Once enriched it goes by road to the Springfields plant at Preston where it is converted into fuels rods.

The company which transports it by road is Advanced Uranium Asset
Management Ltd.

These loads are carried upon the highways on a very regular basis.

They are so dangerous that there is a prohibition on them being transported through the Mersey Road Tunnels.

The depleted uranium is currently stored in drums within the Capenhurst site.
Many of these drums are stored just 200 foot from the Liverpool to Chester
railway line.

The Uranium is transported to Capenhurst, enriched, transported away from, and held as Depleted Uranium in the form of a Uranium Hexafloride.

Uranium Hexafloride (UF6) is highly toxic, very corrosive, radioactive, reacts violently with water.

You can read more about the chemical structure of uranium Hexafluoride and dangers associated with it at: –

We will return to this issue in the next issue of Countering Capenhurst.

Geiger counter

During the summer we pulled our resources with Radiation Free Lakeland, by putting £100 towards the purchase of a Geiger counter.

This is now being used to monitor radiation levels within the Lake District. It will then be used at Capenhurst and other plants throughout the north west region.

New publications.

CCC. has just produced three new campaigning leaflets.
One is about the relationship between Capenhurst and the proposed fracking sites in the area.

The second leaflet is Chester Beware!.
‘Trains pulling containers of highly-radioactive used fuel rods (“Nuclear Trains”) regularly go through Chester on their way up to Cumbria.’

These waste trains are operated by DRS [Direct Rail Services] which transports this highly radioactive waste through some of most highly populated area in the UK.

The third of these publications is the Why Close Capenhurst?
This is a Question and answer factsheet.

You can download then all from the CCC website.

Co-ordinated Leafleting.

On the last weekend of September the second a series of co-ordinated leafleting
sessions took place outside some of the railway stations through which nukiller waste flasks are transported.

These stations include Bridgwater, Willesdon Junction, Gloucester, and Lancaster, Warrington. Activists from CCC took part in this by distributing leaflets outside of Chester station.

These waste trains are operated by DRS [ Direct Rail Services ] which has its
yards at Crewe and Carlisle.

A 3rd series of co-ordinated leafleting sessions took place between
November 22nd & 26th. This time there was leafleting sessions at Wigan,
Bridewater, Carlisle, Brixton, Chester, and other stations.

If you wish to join one of these leafleting sessions, or want more information on this issue email us at : –


We are able to provide speakers who can talk about Capenhurst, the dangers of Uranium Enrichment, Nukiller New Build, and the Ongoing Disaster at Fukushima.

If you, your group, or organisation would like to know more, then please contact us at:-

What Next

One of the recent initiative we have been involved in lately is the formation of NWANA [the North West Anti Nukiller Alliance].

This is an alliance of anti nukiller campaigning groups and organisations.

NWANA covers the area from Carlisle to the North, Manchester to the East,
Chester to the West, and Stafford to the South

This area includes the Heysham, Springfields, Barrow, Sellafield  [Windscale] plants, together with the two DRS waste train depose.

One of the aims of NWANA is to co-ordinate and support anti-nukiller campaigning efforts throughout the North West.

To this end there will soon be a NWANA publication which will include a map that shows all the various atomic instillations within throughout the region. It will also show the rail and road routes which carry radioactive materials.

For more information contact: –

Bridge 5 Mill,
22a Beswick Street,
M4 7HR

Thank You.

The Close Capenhurst Campaign would like to thank Kick Nuclear, the Lush Fund, Merseyside CND, and the Nuclear Trains Action group for their financial help.

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