Countering Capenhurst Issue Two – Summer 2015

Countering Capenhurst Issue Two – Summer 2015

This issue of Countering Capenhurst is just a brief summary of all the work we are involved in doing. This is because many of our activities can only be summed up as working in co-operation with other anti-nukiller groups and organisations.

Fukushima Updates.

August 7th was marked as three years since the start of the weekly Kick Nuclear pickets about the ongoing Fukushima disaster outside of the Japanese Embassy in London. We fully support these pickets, and would urge anyone who is in London on a Friday morning to do join them.

Kick Nuclear publish the very excellent Fukushima Updates.

New Bank Account.

We are in the process of getting a new bank account.

There will be more details about this and just were you might send donations to help us in our work in the near future.

Decommissioning & Other Costs.

It is now estimated that it will cost £110 Billion to complete decommissioning all of the UK existing nukiller reactors over the next 100 years.

This includes dealing with all of the waste which comes from the plants.

The figure has doubled from the £50 estimate which was made 10 years ago.

You can read more about waste management and decommissioning costs on the no2nuclearpower webpage:-

Campaigning about Nukiller Waste Trains.

In July we teamed up with Radiation Free Lakeland.

It was to counter the Direct Rail Services [ DRS ] event: –

Celebrating 20 years” of transporting nuclear waste to Sellafield

This was the first time that any group or organisation had ever leafleted or demonstrated outside of the DRS depot at Carlisle.

The very first leafleting session of a DRS depot happened in Crewe last year.

What we need to do next is hold many more of the waste train leafleting sessions at Chester, Warrington, etc, over the coming months, and then really put a lot of effort in to getting a lot of people to along at next years DRS open day at Crewe.

The bottom line being that we can also link it to the campaign to stop new build,

and increase public awareness as to just what happens at Capenhurst.

Urenco Sale

There are continuing newspaper reports about the possible sale of URENCO by the Dutch, German, and UK governments.

During May control of URENCO was moved from the Shareholder Executive to the UK treasury.

We say: –

Don’t Sell It !   –  Close it Down !

Solidarity statement.

On Saturday August 15th there was a demonstration at Gronau about the URENCO plant.

This is the solidarity message which we sent to it:-

We stand in solidarity with you in opposition to URENCO, and applaud all of your efforts to close down the Gronau plant.

Much of our work of late has been centred around campaigning to stop nukiller new build, and the transport of highly radioactive materials by road, sea, and rail.

A major part of our worries centres upon just how Uranium is transported to and from Capenhurst, while very large quantities of depleted uranium are stored at the plant.

All of this is in the form of a Uranium hexafluoride.

Uranium hexafluoride is highly toxic, radioactive, corrosive to most metals, and reacts violently with water.

We have also been focusing a lot of our attention upon how radioactive waste is transported by train through towns and cities which are close to the URENCO plant at Capenhurst.

We will continue to do so in order to display just how Capenhurst and URENCO plays a central part in the nukiller industry.


Work towards the closure of ALL URENCO plants.

With all our best wishes.

Martyn Lowe

On behalf of the Close Capenhurst Campaign.

Future Events.

We continue to leaflet some of the railway station through which nukiller waste is transported.

The next one at Warrington Bank Quay station will be between 16.30. and 18.00. on August 24th, and outside of Chester station on September 18th.

We will be leafleting at those stations at other dates throughout the coming year.

On September 12th we will be running a stall at the 5th Wigan Diggers’ Festival as a part of the North West Anti Nukiller Alliance.

New publications.

At presents we are in the process of updating our various leaflets. This will be completed in the next month or so.