Stop Moorside!

Moorside is Largest Proposed Nukiller Power Development in Europe next to the Sellafield nukiller plant.

100 “exploratory” boreholes up to 150metres deep for Moorside are being dug right now on green fields and flood plain near Beckermet in West Cumbria. NuGen achieved planning permission by”delegated consent” from one planning officer, no discussion, no vote- compare this with the one 30 metre wind turbine for Petersburgh Farm (same site at ‘Moorside’) turned down on the grounds of amenity and wildlife! What other industry has this Mafia like stranglehold over local councils?

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has, without consultation, recklessly given NuGen – owned by Toshiba and Hitachi- the green light to push ahead with its ill-advised nukiller plans at Moorside.

WHAT is proposed?
A massive nukiller power station next to the world’s largest stockpile of nukiller waste. Many new pylons would be required but this is the least of it. The cooling would either be by monstrous 600-800 feet high towers, drawing water from the radioactively-polluted Irish Sea and therefore spewing radioactive vapour plumes above Lakeland, or by large pipelines to sea, heating seawater and disrupting radioactive silt from decades of Sellafield reprocessing.

The NDA gave NUGEN the option to purchase 500 acres of West Cumbria at
Moorside. This includes beautiful green fields, hedgerows and shoreline up toand including the land at Beckermet. This large parcel of wildlife-diverse land is mis-labelled and denigrated by NUGEN as “brownfield”.


Some of the area just to the north of the site is at sea level, and like much of the coast could be subject to rising tides.

In essence, these plans are all about keeping the UK Government’s nukiller pipe-dreams alive, and providing expertise and institutional support for its nukiller warheads. Contrary to media pundits and Government press releases, nukiller power is economically the worst method of reducing CO2 emissions: to think otherwise, is just scientifically naive.

No. Contrary to most media reports, Britain would not need more electricity by 2030 – the earliest Moorside could ever commence supplying it.  The reality is that, in recent years, electricity demand has been decreasing.  NuGen have been caught out (in double page adverts!) grossly inflating the amount of electricity Moorside would produce. Sellafield – part of the UK’s insane nukiller fuel chain-stopped producing electricity a dozen years ago, but every year it still uses over £30 million’s worth of gas and a similar amount of electricity.

WHY There?
After years of Government grooming, Cumbria is one of the most nukiller-compliant areas in the world: a nukiller sacrifice zone for the rest of the UK and several European countries.

HOW can we stop this nonsense?
Support Radiation Free Lakeland and all the other groups opposing nukiller developments.

A copy of this for leafleting can be found here:-    Stop Moorside !