Countering Capenhurst Issue 3 – October 2015

Countering Capenhurst Issue 3 – 2015

This third issue of Countering Capenhurst is just a brief summary of all the work we are involved in doing of late. This is because many of our activities can only be summed up as working in co-operation with other anti-nukiller groups and organisations.

Urenco Sale

There is still a lot of speculation about just when the sale of URENCO will take place. We are still continuing to monitor the financial press upon this issue.

There are many complications which will come with this sale that have recently been debated in the Netherlands.

We will be issuing a statement about this proposed sale in the near future.

Barclays bank Finances the Nukiller Power Industry

Opposing nukiller power can take many forms, such as boycotting the banks and financial institutions which are used by the industry.

Here is just a brief selection of those companies which use Barclays Bank.

– Aviva

– British Energy


– Eon

– General Electric

– Rio Tinto

– Tokyo Electric Power Company – TEPCO


– Urenco

For more information see:-

Future and Recent Events.

During September we held a stall at the Wigan Diggers Festival.

On October 21st we will be giving a presentation about recent nukiller developments to the Liverpool Friends of the Earth.


The various aspects about the transport and storage of Uranium Hexafluoride [ Hex ] is one of our growing concerns.

It is one of the aspect of the activities carried out by URENCO which worries us the most.

Over the next few months we will be publicising and printing a lot more information about this issue.

What we have so far been unable to do is work out just how large the amount of Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride is held at all three of the URENCO plants.

What we do know is that various people keep referring to the size of Capenhurst as vast, and the amount of Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride held there as huge. From our own observation of the new Uranium Tailings plant being built at the site, it will be very large facility indeed.

Campaigning about Nukiller Waste Trains.

We continue to leaflet some of the railway station through which nukiller waste is transported.

The last one at Chester was on Friday October 9th.

The next one at Warrington Bank Quey station will be between 16.30. and 18.00. on , and outside of Chester station on.

We will be leafleting at those stations at other dates throughout the coming year.

New publication.

Moorside is the Largest Proposed Nukiller Power Development in Europe next to the Sellafield nukiller plant.

We are working Radiation Free Lakeland to stop this plant from opening, and have produced our own version of their Stop Moorside! leaflet.

New Address.

We now have a new mailing address which is as follows:-

Close Capenhurst Campaign

C/o  News From Nowhere.  

96 Bold Street,  


L1 4HY