Countering Capenhurst Issue 5 – Winter 2016

This 5th issue of Countering Capenhurst is just a brief summary of all the work we are involved in doing. This is because many of our activities can only be summed up as working in co-operation with other anti-nukiller groups and organisations.

New Chair for URENCO

Stephen Billingham has just succeeded as chairman of URENCO from John Hood.

Billingham is the chairman of Anglian Water Group and Punch Tavern, and has been a non-executive director of URENCO since 2009.

He has previously worked for British Energy Generation, and was the Finance Director of British Energy Group Plc which is now EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Group Limited.

Following the Money

The fully audited financial accounts for the URENCO Group were released on March 3nd.

You can read them here.

What we did find interesting in this report is the line that the: –

‘Commercial operation of Tails Management Facility (TMF) is scheduled for 2017.’

That’s a very novel way of describing the clean up process at the Capenhurst plant, especially as there are no figures to go with it.

ONR Exercise Report

The Office for Nuclear Regulation [ ONR ] has just published the latest Nuclear Emergency Exercise Programme.

These exercises take place at both nukiller power plants and MOD establishments.

This includes an exercise which will take place at Capenhurst on September 20th.

New Email Address

We now have a new email address

Also in the news.

URENCO announce major support for Science Museum’s new interactive gallery

3 December 2015The Science Museum today announced URENCO as the first sponsor of its major new interactive gallery. The gallery will feature more than 50 state-of-the-art exhibits that will inspire curiosity and creativity among the hundreds of thousands of young people who visit the Museum each year, as well as older visitors.


The existing reactor at Wylfa on Angelsea started to close down on December 30th.

Yet this is nothing to celebrate as it will take many years to clean up the site.

The used fuel rods will continue to be transported by DRS to Windscale/Sellafield for the next few years.

There is also the danger that a new proposed reactor will be built on the site.

So we will only start to celebrate once we know that the site is not going to be used for building a new reactor.

Campaigning about Nukiller Waste Trains.

We have recently held more Nukiller Waste Train Leafleting Sessions outsideof Chester , and Warrington Bank Quay stations.

In the next few months we will also be leafleting outside of Wigan North West Station.