Chester Beware!

Chester Beware!

High Level Radioactive Waste !

Trains operated by DRS [ Direct Rail Services ] pulling containers of highly-radioactive fuel rods are regularly taken through Chester station. This waste comes from Wylfa on Angelsea. The are taken to the DRS depot at Crewe, from which they will be taken up to Sellafield.

These used fuel rods come from various atomic reactors across the UK.

They are the most dangerous cargoes carried on our railways.

They continuously emit low-level-radiation, and any increase in radiation means an increased risk of various cancers.

These Waste Train Cargoes are highly dangerous.

As a result of a serious accident or terrorist attack these flasks could break open, releasing highly-radioactive material that would blow for miles in the wind and kill thousands of people in the Chester area.

What you can do.

– Let others know about these radioactive waste trains.

– Support the campaign to stop more Atomic Power Stations being build at Wylfa, Hinkley, or Moorside. and thus stop more radioactive waste from being created.

– Support the growing campaign to stop nukiller power.

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