Issues Briefing – The ONR

The Office for Nuclear Regulation

When it comes to making the nukiller industry accountable for its actions, one of the greatest barriers we face in doing so is the Office for Nuclear Regulation [ ONR ].

What they say

This is the stated aims of the Office for Nuclear Regulation [ ONR ] : –

‘ ONR independently regulates nuclear safety and security at 36 nuclear licensed sites in the UK. We also regulate transport and ensure that safeguards obligations for the UK are met. Our duty is to ensure that the nuclear industry controls its hazards effectively, has a culture of continuous improvement and maintains high standards.’

What We Know

The ONR is run for the nukiller industry for the benefit of the nukiller industry.

To quote the ONR CORPORATE PLAN 2019 – 2020: –

‘ We are the UK’s regulator for the Energy Act 2013 for the nuclear industry. We regulate safety at relevant sites such as civil nuclear sites, and some operated by the Crown (for example, Ministry of Defence). Some aspects of our vires (that is, legal powers) are limited to Great Britain (GB), while others extend out to the UK and beyond. We regulate security at civil nuclear sites in GB and more widely, where the law requires. We also regulate transport of civil radioactive material in GB.’

Yet the nukiller industry carries on in the same old shambolic fashion, polluting our planet, and creating dangers for us all.

Who Runs the ONR

The membership of the ONR Board consists of individuals with very close links to extreme energy companies, nukiller power industry, and the military.

Here are four examples of just how close these links are.

Sir Simon Lister

At the end of 2017 it was announced that ‘Sir Simon Lister appointed to ONR Board’.

What they didn’t mention is that he is better know as Vice Admiral Sir Simon Robert Lister, KCB, OBE.

Or that he was a :-

‘Senior Naval Member on the Directing Staff at the Royal College of Defence Studies in April 2008[3] and Director, Submarines in 2009’.

Mark Foy

Chief Nuclear Inspector at the ONR is also a Chartered Fellow of the Nuclear Institute.

Adriènne Kelbie

The ONRChief Executive, Adriènne Kelbie, is an Honorary Fellow of the Nuclear Institute, and was a Patron of Women in Nuclear UK between 2016 & 2019.


Mark McAllister

Mark McAllister is the chair of the ONR. He has spent his working life working in the oil and gas industry.

Keeping Secrets.

The ONR claim to be answerable to the public.

To quote the ONR annual report 2019-2020:-


Yet every time we have put in any freedom of information requests, it has been a case of them not having the information we are interested in finding out about, or will cost us a lot of money for them to supply a redacted version of the information.

Here is just one example of this in regards to Capenhurst and how much Depleted Uranium Hex is stored at the site.

During 2016 we asked the Office for Nuclear Regulation [ONR] just how much depleted Uranium Hex is held at Capenhurst, and received this reply.

Is it any wonder that we are very sceptical about the ability of the ONR to deal with the nukiller power industry ?