Countering capenhurst – June 2024


The Febrary 21st to March 5 issue of the Rail magazine has an article about some of the Class 68 train engines which are used by DRS. It includes a photo of a waste flask in transite to Heysham.

Flask Movements

On Febrary 28th a single flask was taken from Crewe to Sellafield Windscale. While on March 3rd three flasks were transported from the plant via Crewe,


Furness Line track was damaged two days before derailment

This derailment was on a part of the route which is used by DRS to move Nukiller waste flasks.—tim-farron/

DRS – From Winfrith to Drigg

In January DRS completed transporting some 1068 drums of low level nukiller waste from the former nukiller reactor at Winfrith in Dorset to Drigg.

This process started during march of 2022.

The open question is just how much more radioactive waste might land up at Drigg ?

DRS Open Day

The next DRS Open Day will be held on saturday July 6th at their Carlisle Kingsmore Depot.

We will be holding another lafleting event outside the event from 10.30 to 15.30.

News and resources updates

British nuclear site Sellafield to be prosecuted for cybersecurity failures.

The IAEA’s nuclear fairy tales are leading nations — and all of us — into climate catastrophe.

Nuclear supplier near Ellesmere Port given improvement order

Congress Approves Ban on Imports of Enriched Uranium From Russia

Capenhurst Strike

Around 500 staff at the Urenco Nuclear site in Capenhurst voted for industrial action after pay talks broke down

Nuclear workers in Cheshire vote to strike


Urenco receives permit for new waste store at Almelo

Coming events

This summer there will be a demonstration at Barrow where the various nukiller submarines are built.


Outside of the annual DRS open day event at Carlisle this coming July.

More information once the exact dates for these events have been announced.

Countering Capenhurst – Winter 2024


The condition of the Whitehaven train tunnel and harbour can only be described as a disaster in the making.

We have now learnt that the speed limit within the Whitehaven train tunnel has dropped from 20 to 10 miles an hour.

While there are still nukiller waste flasks and passenger trains going through it.

Here is some more background informayion on the current situation.

Whitehaven railway tunnel testing to find source of orange water

Fukushima Day

We were planning to mark Fukushima Day outside the Heysham Nukiller plant. That is another reactor which will be subject to rising tides in the next few years.

However, give the current situation we will be marking it at Whitehaven this year.

This will be a CCC and Radiation Free Lakelands event starting at Noon.

More details very soon.


Flask Movements

On November 14th there was another flask taken to Sellafield, while on the 15th one was taken from Sellafield to the Barrow Marine terminal.

Renaming the DRS Engines.

DRS, just like all of the railway companies, delights in giving names to its various train engines.
Such as Promethius, Titan, Astute [ Which is also the name of a class of nukiller submarines which are being built at Barrow ] , Achilles, etc.
In fact they make a feature of having a naming event at each of their open day events.
Yet if they were to be much more honest about what they do then the engines would be renamed again.
Here are some of the names which they might more reasonably become: –
Calder Hall, Windscale, Crockfords Folly, Dante, or Drigg.
You might like to make a few suggestions of your own.

News and resources updates

Cyber-hackers target UK nuclear waste company RWM

Uranium Prices

One of the most important long term reasons why we need to stop nukiller power is just what it will cost us all.

What has been of note for a while is just how the price of uranium has been increasing. Though the clean up cost of mining it is never mentioned by those who promote it.

Uranium surge after Kazakh mine cuts.

‘ In the midst of geopolitical tensions and energy security concerns, the head of Urenco, the largest western supplier of enriched uranium for nuclear plants in the US, asserts that his company stands ready to replace Russian supplies if Washington enacts a ban on imports from Russia. ‘

Flood Danger Warning

Cumbria emergency services on major incident alert as Storm Isha hits.
Operations at the Sellafield nuclear site were suspended as a precautionary measure amid the weather warnings.’

We should expect many more such warnings in the years to come.

Book Reference

Plokhy, Serhii

Atoms and Ashes: From Bikini Atoll to Fukushima

Penguin Book – Paperback – 31 Aug. 2023

ISBN 978-0141997179

This very readable book covers some of worst nukiller disasters which have taken place so far. That includes the windscale fire.

It is an excellent book for all activists to use.

Coming events

This summer there will be a demonstration at Barrow where the various nukiller submarines are built.


Outside of the annual DRS open day event at Carlisle this coming July.

More information once the exact dates for these events have been announced.

Countering Capenhurst – End of Year 2023

News and resources update edition.


Flask Movements

On August 14th and 22nd there were waste flasks moved from Torness. While on september 12th there was a flask movement from Sizewell.

There were also Flasks which were take from Sellafield to Crewe on October 21st and 28th. We do not know just where they were being taken.


Sizewell and our fragile Coast

Photo shows significant erosion in front of the Sizewell C site in November 2023.

This is something which we predicted as likeley to happen within one of our briefings.

Issue Briefings – Barrow & Rising Tides

Short News Items

Bechtel to expand key depleted uranium processing plant in Cheshire

Why Uranium Prices are Soaring.

Urenco to expand capacity at Dutch facility

Uranium enrichment services provider Urenco has announced plans to increase capacity at its plant in Almelo in the Netherlands by 15%

Global scramble for Uranium spells trouble for UK’s nuclear plans

UK nuclear treatment plant to increase access for European market

Urenco and Energoatom sign long term contract

Countering Capenhurst – October 2023

Current work

At present there are a number of issues and projects which we are working upon.

These include noting the anniversary of the Widscale fire which took place on October 10th 1957. On that anniversary we will be announing the 2023 winners of the George Monbiet Nukiller Greenwash award.

While we will soon be printing an update to the Beware nukiller waste trains leaflet. This is the one which is handed out at the various stations they go though. It has been writen in such a way that it can very easily be monified to include your local information.

Current Issues List

While there are a lot of individuals focused upon the continuous disaster at Fukushima, and the situation with regards the nukiller reactors in the Ukraine, we do have to focus our attention upon the following crisis Issues.

They are as follows –

– The treat of New Build, which includes Bradwell, Hinkley, Sizewell, and Wylfa.

– The transport of High level Nukiller waste by DRS though our towns and cities.

– The road transport of Uranium Hex.

– Springfield.

– Capenhurst and Urenco.

– Drigg.

– Windscale / Sellafield.

– The proposed long term nukiller waste dumps in Cumbria and other locations.

– All the Radioactive waste which is and has been discharged into the sea.

– The movement of highly radioactive materials via Barrow Docks.

– Both the mining and processing Uranium.

While we need to keep showing the links between Nukiller Weapons and Nukiller Power.

How nukiller power is a major cause of global warming.


Campaign to stop more Astute Class Nukiller submarines being built at Barrow.

To do all of the above we need many more activists, and many more donations to help us continue with our campaigning work.

Short News Items

‘ Uranium spells out nuclear future’.

Of Particular note is the following: –

‘ — recently, political instability in Niger has also prompted a price increase in uranium. According to Reuters a military coup in Niger saw prices rise even though mining operations have continued in what is a top 10 uranium producer.’


‘ Uranium supply giant Kazatomprom also issued its second quarter trading update, noting that average realized price for the first half of 2023 was higher compared to the same period in 2022. ‘

Signal: UK loan to support Ukraine’s nuclear energy

Nuckiller power is Ukraine’s primary source of energy, but Russia’s invasion has created serious problems for the industry.

Ukraine / First Batch Of Domestic Uranium Concentrate Sent To Cameco For Processing

Acquisition bolsters Hydrock’s nuclear division

‘ The Warrington-based firm’s client roster, which includes Urenco, Sellafield, and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, will complement Hydrock’s existing relationships in the sector. ‘

UK offers Ukraine nuclear fuel boost through £192m deal with Urenco


Countering Capenhurst Summer 2023

This issue of Countering Capenhurst follows on from the meeting we had with the DRS management in April, and covers some of the other campaigns which we support.


During June DRS Launched a ‘Major Recruitment Drive’.

Waste Flask Movements

On May 16th three flasks were taken from Windsale / Sellafield to Crewe. Eight days later there were more flasks being moved along this route. Then on May 18th flasks were observed being moved from Torness to the DRS depot at Carlisle.

We have recently learnt that there are on average 8 flask movements to Windscale / Sellafield each week.

So here are just a few of the recent ones which we are aware about taking place.

– On June 3rd June 10, June 24th and July 1st

– To & from Heysham on May 25th , June 1st.

Last Four Flasks Photo

The cover of the August 2023 issue of Today’s Railways UK shows two DRS engines taking the last four flasks being taken from Hunterston to Windscale / Sellafield on November 9th 2021.

Waste Flask Concerns

At 17.50 on June 8th Four flasks were spotted being transported south just outside of Carlisle on the way to Sellafield / Windscale.

These flasks passed a Northern Rail passenger train which was going north at the time.

Upon arriving at Carlisle it was possible to have a word with the Northern Rail driver who confirmed that they are given no special instructions about just what to do should they encounter a DRS derailment, etc.

This confirms exactly what we have always suspected to be the case.

From another source it has be confirmed that eight waste flask trains travel along the West Coast [ Sellafield / Windscale ] each week.

World Ocean Day Event.

On June 8th we were in Whitehaven. This was to hand over following letter and petition opposing any further “investigations” into a deep nukiller dump under the Lake District Coast is to be delivered to the Marine Management Organisation.

Short News Items

£485m to be spent on decommissioning and removing asbestos at Magnox’s Nukiller power plants.

The Australian government will establish a new agency and regulatory body as part of establishing a nukiller powered submarines programme.

Urenco has announced that it is going to increase production at their Eunice, New Mexico plant.

Drones to be used at Windscale / Sellafield Plant

The plan is to use these drones to monitor radiation levels in the site, but the real need is to look at the levels of radiation within the area

James Fisher Nuclear enters administration


Anyone who is interested in campaigning about what goes on along the west Cumbrian coast should examine the historic Godfrey edition ordinance survey maps.

The Ravenglass & Sellafield 1875 map which covers Drigg, Seascale, Sellafield is of particular interest.

While the two 1923 maps of Whitehaven show the many disused mines in the area.

Sixty Six Years.

On Tuesday October 10th it will be exactly 66 years since the Windscale fire.

We will be marking this disaster with an event on the day at which we announce the winner of the 2023 George Monbiot Nukiller Greenwash Award.

Helping Your Knowledge and Helping US to Continue Campaigning.

Please remember that we can give you presentations be it by talks or one-to-one briefing sessions on various aspects of the nukiller power issue.

Please contact us if you wish someone to do so.

While we still need to have some financial help in order to keep going,

We are not a membership organisation and so all out work is financed by donations.

We do not have any paid staff or offices, and so we do not have large overheads to pay for, but there are other other items we do have to pay for.

So just the odd donation will help us to continue campaigning.

Please contact us if you are able to do so.

Countering Capenhurst – May 2023

This issue of Countering Capenhurst follows on from the very first meeting we have ever had with the senior managers of DRS, which is in a part of Nuclear Transport Solutions, and in turn the Nukiller Decommissioning Authority.

Meeting the DRS Management

A historic moment”: first meeting for rail campaigners with nuclear industry

‘ After many years of waiting, Martyn Lowe from the Close Capenhurst campaign group was pleased to finally be able to put his questions directly to senior nuclear rail managers at this first face-to-face meeting held at the Gresty Bridge Rail Depot, on the outskirts of Crewe.’

After the meeting DRS offered to pay our travel expenses which we refused to take. This is so we can both be, and be seen to be, completley independent of them. Thus we will continue to maintain our independent critical stance.

We will now be going through the answers which we received to our various questions, and consider just how we will follow up on our campaign.

Flask Movements

Youtube Video clips.

One aspect of our work is to view various videos of nukiller flask movements. Here are a few from which you can clearly see some of the issues which concern us about what happens at both Bridgewater and Dungeness.

Class 68 Nuclear Train returns to Dungeness 2/9/20

DRS Class 37’s In Bridgwater Yard | Shunting | Flask Train | Wednesday 29th February 2012

Nuclear Flask Train Bridgwater FD Class 68 & 88 Double Header

37259 + 37610 Bridgwater Flask | Arrival & Departure | Wed 22nd Feb 2017

Flask Safety

As many of you might know, DRS transport Castor Nukiller flasks between the Barrow docks and Windscale/Sellafield.

We know something about the various tests that have been made on the standard ones which are transported between Windscale / Sellafield the various Brexitland reactor sites.

What we don’t have is any information about the crash, heat resistance, and fall tests which the Castor flasks have been subjected to.

We need this information in order to do a comparison between the two flask types.

If any of you help us with any information on this, then we would be extremely grateful !

Short News Items

Urenco, Cameco sign supply deals for Bulgaria’s Kozloduy

Following On

German Celebrations and Continuing Our Campaigning

Now that we can celebrate the closure of the last 3 working Nukiller reactors in Germany, it should not be forgotten that the radiative waste they generated is still a major problem which will take many centuries to clean up.

While we still have the ongoing waste issue at Drigg and Windscale / Sellafield and the used fuel rods being transported by DRS to campaign about,

Plus the campaigns to Stop New Build.

So it is a good time to remind activists in Germany that our struggles continue, and we can still use some help from them all.

Open consultations

As a part of our campaigning we do need to work at every level of society, and undertake a wide range of activities. That includes participation on various consultations.

Here are links to two current open open consultations.

Managing radioactive substances and nuclear decommissioning

Public consultation on our proposed decision to change Hinkley Point C’s water discharge activity permit

 Countering Capenhurst March 2023

This issue of Countering Capenhurst comes at a time when there are a number of ongoing changes which we need to focus upon, especially as new build seems to be back on the agenda, while a lot of crazy proposals are being made about just where to bury nukiller waste.

We are also very concerned about the current & future construction of Astute Class Nukiller submarines at Barrow, especially as it will produce yet more radioactive waste over the coming decades.


Flask Movements

On December 22nd two flasks were taken from Crewe to Sellafield, while on February 4th a single flask was taken from Sellafield via Barrow to Crewe.

Direct Rail Services open day to become biennial event

Short News Items

Energoatom Agrees With Britain’s Urenco To Supply Enriched Uranium From 2026

‘ “On December 19, Energoatom President Petro Kotin and Urenco Chief Executive Officer Boris Schucht met online. They discussed the issue of increasing the supply of enriched uranium to Westinghouse for the production of nuclear fuel for Ukrainian nuclear power plants over 2024-2025 years. In addition, the heads of companies agreed on long-term cooperation in the supply of enriched uranium for Energoatom from 2026,”


EDF Energy ‘protests too much’ over impact of Windfall Tax on ageing reactors

‘ EDF has complained that the British Government’s windfall tax, introduced on 1 January, may mean an early end for operations at Hartlepool & Heysham 1, but the Nuclear Free Local Authorities believe that these could be ‘crocodile tears.’

Following On

In the Shadow of Chernobyl, a Pack of Dogs Unlike Any Other Roams the Wasteland.

Stop Hinkley – Newsletter January 2023

The latest issue of the Stop Hinkley newsletter contains a update upon the continuing problem of building of the Hinkley C plant, and the road movement of the nukiller flasks to Bridgewater for transporting to Windscale / Sellafield by DRS.

London Mining Network

‘ London Mining Network (LMN) is an alliance of human rights, development, environmental and solidarity groups.

We work for

· human rights, including the rights of Indigenous Peoples and workers, and

·  sustainable development (development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs) in communities around the world affected by the activities of mining companies based in or funded from London.’

On special interest is the campaigning work which LMN focuses upon is Uranium mining.

Marking Fukushima Day

On Saturday March 11th we held an event outside of the Springfields plant.

While Kick Nuclear held a Vigil to mark the 12th anniversary of the Nukiller Disaster ar Fukushima.

The Springfields event was organised in conjunction with Radiation Free Lacklands, and attracted activists from .

The following statement was read outside of both the Japanese Embassy and Springfields plant.

Dear Supporters, Activists and Friends ,

This year is the 12th anniversary since the worst nuclear power accidents in the world happened at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on 11 th March 2011. 3 reactors are still melting down and radioactive wastewater is generated everyday. Over 1.3 million tonnes contaminated/treated water is going to be discharged into the Pacific from spring/summer this year.

On top of this unwelcome decision by Government/TEPCO, the Japanese government announced recently that they are changing the energy policy to encourage the restart of the idled nuclear power plants and build more new Small Module Reactors to secure the energy supply.  This is very sad news for us who had been campaigning to promote more renewable source of energy.

Another terrible policy change by the Japanese government is the sudden increase of military budget from 1% of GDP to 2% during 2023 to 2027. The government is overriding the article 9 of Constitution.

We must stand in front of the Japanese Embassy and show our strong opposition to these changes in its policies.

In Peace and Solidarity,

Shigeo Kobayashi

Ann Kobayashi

David Polden

Ann Garrett

on behalf of Japanese Against Nuclear – UK and Kicknuclear

Countering Capenhurst – Year End 2022 – Summary Edition

Updates and What Next ?

This issue of Countering Capenhurst is an information update.


The Return of Thomas the Stank Engine – Part Two

On July 16th we went back to Crewe in order to communicate with those who attended the DRS open day event.

Despite the few of us who turned upon the day, we did manage to distribute just over two thousand leaflets. The DRS Website stated that Three and a half thousand people attended the event.

If anyone is interested in them, then we do have some of the current Thomas the Stank Engine leaflets which can be used at other events.

Out next task will be to draft a leaflet which focuses upon some of the route that the waste flasks are carried along, and the specific dangers that they posse.

DRS Open Day Videos.

Every time there is a DRS Open day event it is followed by many train spotter Youtube videos.

Here are just two examples of what they look like.


There is also the following which looks like it copies DRS propaganda.

There is also a half page colour photograph of the event in the August issue of the Railway Magazine. This is an aerial view which shows something of the scale of the event.

Short News Items

More Power to Millom: NFLA backs new protest group opposed to nuclear waste dump

Chancellor urged to leave Sizewell ‘well alone’

The Nukiller Armed Force

The Civil Nukiller Police ( CNP ) have just published their Strategic Plan for 2022 to 2025.

What’s notable is all the management speak in it, and all the photos of the armed CNP which are to see in it.

It’s well worth looking at if you have never seen such reports in the past.

Type B Gemini container movements.

A first shipment of so called ‘legacy’ waste drums has Magnox Harwell to Sellafield.


New Book

Hughes-Wilson, Colonel John

Eve of Destruction

The Inside story of Our Dangerous nuclear world.

John Blake Publishing 2021

ISBN 978 1 78946 417 7

This well researched book gives a good oversight of the Nukiller disasters, and very many near disasters, which have happened over the years.

It covers both Nukiller Weapons and Nukiller Power.

Website Updates

We have recently been updating what is included upon the CCC website.

The most important change is that we now have the following:-

Forthcoming Protests and Events.

This replaces the ongoing lists which have been included within Countering Capenhurst.

Previous Protests

This lists all of our previous events and protests.

We have also updated the description of our work in the About page.

All of these changes should make our website less clunky to navigate.

At various towns.

During the last couple of years it has been very difficult to organise any events, or distribute any leaflets at the various places which are immediately effected by the nukiller industry.

Thus we look forward to being more proactive again.

But we still need to have more activists within the following towns: –

Chester, Ellesmere Port, Preston, Runcorn, Warrington, and Wigan.

Financial help.

Unlike many large or membership organisations, all of our work is finances my a small number of donations.

Neither do we employ any campaign workers.

So all of our income goes directly in to the work we are engaged upon.

We are currently working upon putting together our campaign budget in order to produce a financial appeal.

This will be published within the next couple of months.

In the Meanwhile.

We are appealing for money so that we can get out to hold more events, and cover our ongoing expenses.

Countering Capenhurst – June 2022

The Return of Thomas the Stank Engine

The next DRS [ Direct Rail Services ] open day will be on Saturday July 16th at Crewe.

As in previous years we will be outside the DRS depot to leaflet the event from 10.30. onwards.

Short News Items


Energoatom Refuses To Purchase Uranium Concentrate In Russia, Plans To Increase Its Supplies From UK URENCO

Small nuclear reactors produce ’35x more waste’ than big plants.

Stop Seismic Testing

We have joined with others to oppose the proposed Objection to Seismic Blasting in the Irish Sea to test the geology for a deep geological nuclear facility for heat generating nuclear wastes.seismic testing of the coast of Cumbria.

Objection to Seismic Blasting in the Irish Sea to test the geology for a deep geological nuclear facility for heat generating nuclear wastes.

Countering Capenhurst – Mid April

Urenco cancels Russia contract for uranium waste

– Action group Münsterland against nuclear plants

– Environmental Working Group (AKU) Gronau
– SOFA (Immediate Nuclear Abandonment) Münster
– Federal Association of Citizens’ Initiatives for Environmental Protection

Gronau/Münster, 9 March 2022

Urenco cancels Russia contract for uranium waste

– Reaction to protests and EU sanctions

But: Uranium for Ukraine continues despite war Urenco is supplier of enriched uranium

In reaction to the protests of anti-nuclear initiatives and environmental associations and in view of tightened EU sanctions, the Gronau-based uranium enricher Urenco informed the Westfälische Nachrichten yesterday that it had terminated its contract with the Russian nuclear industry. This means that uranium waste will now no longer be exported from Gronau to Russia. As this has so far been the main route for the disposal of waste residues from the Gronau uranium enrichment plant, Urenco spokesman Chris Breuer spoke of “considerable consequences” for his company. German, Russian and Dutch anti-nuclear initiatives had protested foryears against the irresponsible uranium waste exports. Urenco has now announced an earlier commissioning of the uranium oxide uranium waste storage hall in Gronau, built in 2014.

“We of course welcome the overdue stop of the Russian business at Urenco. But it is very sad that it took a Russian war of aggression in Ukraine to get the Gronau uranium enricher to act. We continue to demand a general stop of uranium exports – enriched uranium has no future for a peaceful and renewableenergy world and dramatically aggravates military conflicts,” says Matthias Eickhoff of Aktionsbündnis Münsterland gegen Atomanlagen.

Very worrying, therefore, is yesterday’s announcement by Urenco that it will continue to provide “assistance” to the supplied nuclear power plants in Ukraine. How this is supposed to be possible in the midst of war, Russian attacks and military occupation is completely unclear. Urenco must completely rethink its own business policy – nuclear power is not the solution, but part of the problem. That is why anti-nuclear and peace initiatives are also demanding the shutdown of the Gronau uranium plant.

For several years, the German-Dutch-British uranium enricher Urenco has been supplying Ukraine with enriched uranium. This is then processed into fuel elements by the US company Westinghouse in Västeras, Sweden, and sent from there to Ukraine. The most recent export licenses for enriched uranium from Gronau to the Swedish fuel element factory were issued on 1 February 2022 and 2 December 2021, according to the export list of the Federal Environment Ministry.

Short News Items

Desert Island Risks

Anyone who knows anything about Sizewell, or has studied the OS map of the area, knows that it will become an island as a result of global warming and rising tides. So the proposal to build new reactors at the site can only be described as totally irresponsible in so many ways.

Nuclear Free Local Authorities Briefings

NFLA Policy Briefing 229b: Update on the Ukrainian Power Plants

Environment Agency’s outrageous fee hike ‘pours cold water’ on future small hydro schemes in England

Mistaken Plans

On March 24th URENCO took part in a meeting with the UK government and the following nukiller power companies: – Aviva Investors, Balfour Beatty, Bechtel Group, EDF Energy, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, L&G, Mace, (UK) NuclearAdvanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Nuclear Power Jacobs, NuScale, Rolls-Royce, Rothesay Life, and Westinghouse Electric.

The subject of this gathering was how to accelerate nukiller energy projects.

DRS Haul 1,000 tonnes of waste to Drigg

‘The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority trumpet their latest “success” – the dumping of more than 1000 tonnes of steel drums filled with nuclear wast at the “Low Level Waste Repository in Drigg, Cumbria – from the redundant Magnox site at Winfrith, Dorset.”

DRS Updates

Flask Movements

On March 3rd a single flask was taken from Crewe to Sizewell and back again.

This was one of the yearly movements which rail companies use in order to maintain an allocated railway route.

CCC Finances and Future Activities

We now have reached a stage in our campaigning at which there is an increasing amount of work which needs to be done over the next year or so.

This work is still falling upon a very small number of activists, especially in Cumbria and the Nukiller North West.

It is all manageable to do, but we do need more people to help support our work.

Thus we will be doing a review of how to forward our campaigning work and how to finance it all over the coming months.

In the meanwhile we are still looking to find more people who can help promote our work in a number of locations, and specifically at Chester, Ellesmere Port, Preston, and all those towns where DRS nukiller waste flasks go through.

We also need more donations in order to promote our work, and in order to engage in much more public education on the dangers posed by the nukiller power industry.