Countering capenhurst – June 2024


The Febrary 21st to March 5 issue of the Rail magazine has an article about some of the Class 68 train engines which are used by DRS. It includes a photo of a waste flask in transite to Heysham.

Flask Movements

On Febrary 28th a single flask was taken from Crewe to Sellafield Windscale. While on March 3rd three flasks were transported from the plant via Crewe,


Furness Line track was damaged two days before derailment

This derailment was on a part of the route which is used by DRS to move Nukiller waste flasks.—tim-farron/

DRS – From Winfrith to Drigg

In January DRS completed transporting some 1068 drums of low level nukiller waste from the former nukiller reactor at Winfrith in Dorset to Drigg.

This process started during march of 2022.

The open question is just how much more radioactive waste might land up at Drigg ?

DRS Open Day

The next DRS Open Day will be held on saturday July 6th at their Carlisle Kingsmore Depot.

We will be holding another lafleting event outside the event from 10.30 to 15.30.

News and resources updates

British nuclear site Sellafield to be prosecuted for cybersecurity failures.

The IAEA’s nuclear fairy tales are leading nations — and all of us — into climate catastrophe.

Nuclear supplier near Ellesmere Port given improvement order

Congress Approves Ban on Imports of Enriched Uranium From Russia

Capenhurst Strike

Around 500 staff at the Urenco Nuclear site in Capenhurst voted for industrial action after pay talks broke down

Nuclear workers in Cheshire vote to strike


Urenco receives permit for new waste store at Almelo

Coming events

This summer there will be a demonstration at Barrow where the various nukiller submarines are built.


Outside of the annual DRS open day event at Carlisle this coming July.

More information once the exact dates for these events have been announced.