About URENCO & Capenhurst

Rather than duplicate information, we have listed those websites which will give you the best briefings about the work of URENCO, and just what goes on at Capenhurst.

The URENCO Founding Treaty.

The International treaty which covers URENCO on the:
‘Construction and Operation of Uranium Enrichment Installations using Gas Centrifuge Technology in the United States of America.’


A History of URENCO


The Urenco Group on Wikispooks.

The Company Structure, Ownership, History, and Controversies.


George Osborne MP visits Capenhurst nuclear facility.

N.B. The View Gallery which shows the condition of the depleted uranium drums which are stored in the grounds of the plant. The depleted is stored as Uranium Hexafluoride, DUF6, which is highly toxic, reacts violently with water, and is corrosive to most metals.


‘ NATIONAL Grid is refurbishing the overhead power line running from Birkenhead to Capenhurst.’


News stories on Capenhurst from No2NuclearPower.


Urenco Sale Said Delayed as Dutch Weigh Uranium Company’s


Wirral residents’ health fears over uranium at Eastham docks.


Urenco hit by slowdown in uranium enrichment market.


Louisiana Energy Services (LES) is a consortium of some of the biggest companies in the nuclear power field.


The first Half year profits for URENCO 2013


Industrial ‘accident’ at Almelo.


Even without our help URENCO is going to cut jobs


Urenco move: Shadow over next big state sell-off.


UK enriched nuclear plant no longer protected by armed response


Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR)
Quarterly Site Report for Urenco UK Limited Capenhurst
Report for period 1 January – 31 March 2014


3 thoughts on “About URENCO & Capenhurst”

  1. Around the World, there are estimated to be 145000 tonnes of high level nuclear waste that requires safe storage (somehow) for circa 100000 years. Clearly, there will be people employed in future trying to address this major issue. Such a requirement pertains, whether or not one is positive to the use of nuclear power. To me, it seems like quite a big task to address.

  2. I have just used Google map to look at the Capenhurst site and stored the Google map images thereby obtained for future reference. I am horrified to see how close it is a large residential area (to the East of the Capenhurst site), such that a serious release of Uranium Hexafluoride would very quickly impact the residential area in a terrible way. Moreover, at the far side of Capenhurst site, more remote from the aforementioned neighbouring residential area, there seem to be a large array of storage containers in the open air. If these storage containers contain nuclear waste, as I suspect, they are an absolute sitting target for a terrorist flying a light aircraft packed with explosive. The situation at Capenhurst is a disaster just waiting to happen, I fear. If this situation were generally known, it would cause serious concern in the general UK population. Truly, a very terrible situation.

  3. Deep coal mines in Cumbria have recently been proposed for producing coal. These coal mines will be paced a convenient short distance from Sellafield. Sellafield has an enormous radioactive waste disposal problem, including decommissioning of the defunct Calder Hall reactor (Windscale et al.). Would it not be rather convenient for the UK government, when the coal is extracted to back-fill the mines with radioactive waste ?

    All seems a bit of a coincidence to me.
    Has anyone else spotted this issue ?

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