Countering Capenhurst – Winter 2024


The condition of the Whitehaven train tunnel and harbour can only be described as a disaster in the making.

We have now learnt that the speed limit within the Whitehaven train tunnel has dropped from 20 to 10 miles an hour.

While there are still nukiller waste flasks and passenger trains going through it.

Here is some more background informayion on the current situation.

Whitehaven railway tunnel testing to find source of orange water

Fukushima Day

We were planning to mark Fukushima Day outside the Heysham Nukiller plant. That is another reactor which will be subject to rising tides in the next few years.

However, give the current situation we will be marking it at Whitehaven this year.

This will be a CCC and Radiation Free Lakelands event starting at Noon.

More details very soon.


Flask Movements

On November 14th there was another flask taken to Sellafield, while on the 15th one was taken from Sellafield to the Barrow Marine terminal.

Renaming the DRS Engines.

DRS, just like all of the railway companies, delights in giving names to its various train engines.
Such as Promethius, Titan, Astute [ Which is also the name of a class of nukiller submarines which are being built at Barrow ] , Achilles, etc.
In fact they make a feature of having a naming event at each of their open day events.
Yet if they were to be much more honest about what they do then the engines would be renamed again.
Here are some of the names which they might more reasonably become: –
Calder Hall, Windscale, Crockfords Folly, Dante, or Drigg.
You might like to make a few suggestions of your own.

News and resources updates

Cyber-hackers target UK nuclear waste company RWM

Uranium Prices

One of the most important long term reasons why we need to stop nukiller power is just what it will cost us all.

What has been of note for a while is just how the price of uranium has been increasing. Though the clean up cost of mining it is never mentioned by those who promote it.

Uranium surge after Kazakh mine cuts.

‘ In the midst of geopolitical tensions and energy security concerns, the head of Urenco, the largest western supplier of enriched uranium for nuclear plants in the US, asserts that his company stands ready to replace Russian supplies if Washington enacts a ban on imports from Russia. ‘

Flood Danger Warning

Cumbria emergency services on major incident alert as Storm Isha hits.
Operations at the Sellafield nuclear site were suspended as a precautionary measure amid the weather warnings.’

We should expect many more such warnings in the years to come.

Book Reference

Plokhy, Serhii

Atoms and Ashes: From Bikini Atoll to Fukushima

Penguin Book – Paperback – 31 Aug. 2023

ISBN 978-0141997179

This very readable book covers some of worst nukiller disasters which have taken place so far. That includes the windscale fire.

It is an excellent book for all activists to use.

Coming events

This summer there will be a demonstration at Barrow where the various nukiller submarines are built.


Outside of the annual DRS open day event at Carlisle this coming July.

More information once the exact dates for these events have been announced.