Countering Capenhurst – End of Year 2023

News and resources update edition.


Flask Movements

On August 14th and 22nd there were waste flasks moved from Torness. While on september 12th there was a flask movement from Sizewell.

There were also Flasks which were take from Sellafield to Crewe on October 21st and 28th. We do not know just where they were being taken.


Sizewell and our fragile Coast

Photo shows significant erosion in front of the Sizewell C site in November 2023.

This is something which we predicted as likeley to happen within one of our briefings.

Issue Briefings – Barrow & Rising Tides

Short News Items

Bechtel to expand key depleted uranium processing plant in Cheshire

Why Uranium Prices are Soaring.

Urenco to expand capacity at Dutch facility

Uranium enrichment services provider Urenco has announced plans to increase capacity at its plant in Almelo in the Netherlands by 15%

Global scramble for Uranium spells trouble for UK’s nuclear plans

UK nuclear treatment plant to increase access for European market

Urenco and Energoatom sign long term contract