Countering Capenhurst – May 2023

This issue of Countering Capenhurst follows on from the very first meeting we have ever had with the senior managers of DRS, which is in a part of Nuclear Transport Solutions, and in turn the Nukiller Decommissioning Authority.

Meeting the DRS Management

A historic moment”: first meeting for rail campaigners with nuclear industry

‘ After many years of waiting, Martyn Lowe from the Close Capenhurst campaign group was pleased to finally be able to put his questions directly to senior nuclear rail managers at this first face-to-face meeting held at the Gresty Bridge Rail Depot, on the outskirts of Crewe.’

After the meeting DRS offered to pay our travel expenses which we refused to take. This is so we can both be, and be seen to be, completley independent of them. Thus we will continue to maintain our independent critical stance.

We will now be going through the answers which we received to our various questions, and consider just how we will follow up on our campaign.

Flask Movements

Youtube Video clips.

One aspect of our work is to view various videos of nukiller flask movements. Here are a few from which you can clearly see some of the issues which concern us about what happens at both Bridgewater and Dungeness.

Class 68 Nuclear Train returns to Dungeness 2/9/20

DRS Class 37’s In Bridgwater Yard | Shunting | Flask Train | Wednesday 29th February 2012

Nuclear Flask Train Bridgwater FD Class 68 & 88 Double Header

37259 + 37610 Bridgwater Flask | Arrival & Departure | Wed 22nd Feb 2017

Flask Safety

As many of you might know, DRS transport Castor Nukiller flasks between the Barrow docks and Windscale/Sellafield.

We know something about the various tests that have been made on the standard ones which are transported between Windscale / Sellafield the various Brexitland reactor sites.

What we don’t have is any information about the crash, heat resistance, and fall tests which the Castor flasks have been subjected to.

We need this information in order to do a comparison between the two flask types.

If any of you help us with any information on this, then we would be extremely grateful !

Short News Items

Urenco, Cameco sign supply deals for Bulgaria’s Kozloduy

Following On

German Celebrations and Continuing Our Campaigning

Now that we can celebrate the closure of the last 3 working Nukiller reactors in Germany, it should not be forgotten that the radiative waste they generated is still a major problem which will take many centuries to clean up.

While we still have the ongoing waste issue at Drigg and Windscale / Sellafield and the used fuel rods being transported by DRS to campaign about,

Plus the campaigns to Stop New Build.

So it is a good time to remind activists in Germany that our struggles continue, and we can still use some help from them all.

Open consultations

As a part of our campaigning we do need to work at every level of society, and undertake a wide range of activities. That includes participation on various consultations.

Here are links to two current open open consultations.

Managing radioactive substances and nuclear decommissioning

Public consultation on our proposed decision to change Hinkley Point C’s water discharge activity permit