Countering Capenhurst Summer 2023

This issue of Countering Capenhurst follows on from the meeting we had with the DRS management in April, and covers some of the other campaigns which we support.


During June DRS Launched a ‘Major Recruitment Drive’.

Waste Flask Movements

On May 16th three flasks were taken from Windsale / Sellafield to Crewe. Eight days later there were more flasks being moved along this route. Then on May 18th flasks were observed being moved from Torness to the DRS depot at Carlisle.

We have recently learnt that there are on average 8 flask movements to Windscale / Sellafield each week.

So here are just a few of the recent ones which we are aware about taking place.

– On June 3rd June 10, June 24th and July 1st

– To & from Heysham on May 25th , June 1st.

Last Four Flasks Photo

The cover of the August 2023 issue of Today’s Railways UK shows two DRS engines taking the last four flasks being taken from Hunterston to Windscale / Sellafield on November 9th 2021.

Waste Flask Concerns

At 17.50 on June 8th Four flasks were spotted being transported south just outside of Carlisle on the way to Sellafield / Windscale.

These flasks passed a Northern Rail passenger train which was going north at the time.

Upon arriving at Carlisle it was possible to have a word with the Northern Rail driver who confirmed that they are given no special instructions about just what to do should they encounter a DRS derailment, etc.

This confirms exactly what we have always suspected to be the case.

From another source it has be confirmed that eight waste flask trains travel along the West Coast [ Sellafield / Windscale ] each week.

World Ocean Day Event.

On June 8th we were in Whitehaven. This was to hand over following letter and petition opposing any further “investigations” into a deep nukiller dump under the Lake District Coast is to be delivered to the Marine Management Organisation.

Short News Items

£485m to be spent on decommissioning and removing asbestos at Magnox’s Nukiller power plants.

The Australian government will establish a new agency and regulatory body as part of establishing a nukiller powered submarines programme.

Urenco has announced that it is going to increase production at their Eunice, New Mexico plant.

Drones to be used at Windscale / Sellafield Plant

The plan is to use these drones to monitor radiation levels in the site, but the real need is to look at the levels of radiation within the area

James Fisher Nuclear enters administration


Anyone who is interested in campaigning about what goes on along the west Cumbrian coast should examine the historic Godfrey edition ordinance survey maps.

The Ravenglass & Sellafield 1875 map which covers Drigg, Seascale, Sellafield is of particular interest.

While the two 1923 maps of Whitehaven show the many disused mines in the area.

Sixty Six Years.

On Tuesday October 10th it will be exactly 66 years since the Windscale fire.

We will be marking this disaster with an event on the day at which we announce the winner of the 2023 George Monbiot Nukiller Greenwash Award.

Helping Your Knowledge and Helping US to Continue Campaigning.

Please remember that we can give you presentations be it by talks or one-to-one briefing sessions on various aspects of the nukiller power issue.

Please contact us if you wish someone to do so.

While we still need to have some financial help in order to keep going,

We are not a membership organisation and so all out work is financed by donations.

We do not have any paid staff or offices, and so we do not have large overheads to pay for, but there are other other items we do have to pay for.

So just the odd donation will help us to continue campaigning.

Please contact us if you are able to do so.