Countering Capenhurst – October 2023

Current work

At present there are a number of issues and projects which we are working upon.

These include noting the anniversary of the Widscale fire which took place on October 10th 1957. On that anniversary we will be announing the 2023 winners of the George Monbiet Nukiller Greenwash award.

While we will soon be printing an update to the Beware nukiller waste trains leaflet. This is the one which is handed out at the various stations they go though. It has been writen in such a way that it can very easily be monified to include your local information.

Current Issues List

While there are a lot of individuals focused upon the continuous disaster at Fukushima, and the situation with regards the nukiller reactors in the Ukraine, we do have to focus our attention upon the following crisis Issues.

They are as follows –

– The treat of New Build, which includes Bradwell, Hinkley, Sizewell, and Wylfa.

– The transport of High level Nukiller waste by DRS though our towns and cities.

– The road transport of Uranium Hex.

– Springfield.

– Capenhurst and Urenco.

– Drigg.

– Windscale / Sellafield.

– The proposed long term nukiller waste dumps in Cumbria and other locations.

– All the Radioactive waste which is and has been discharged into the sea.

– The movement of highly radioactive materials via Barrow Docks.

– Both the mining and processing Uranium.

While we need to keep showing the links between Nukiller Weapons and Nukiller Power.

How nukiller power is a major cause of global warming.


Campaign to stop more Astute Class Nukiller submarines being built at Barrow.

To do all of the above we need many more activists, and many more donations to help us continue with our campaigning work.

Short News Items

‘ Uranium spells out nuclear future’.

Of Particular note is the following: –

‘ — recently, political instability in Niger has also prompted a price increase in uranium. According to Reuters a military coup in Niger saw prices rise even though mining operations have continued in what is a top 10 uranium producer.’


‘ Uranium supply giant Kazatomprom also issued its second quarter trading update, noting that average realized price for the first half of 2023 was higher compared to the same period in 2022. ‘

Signal: UK loan to support Ukraine’s nuclear energy

Nuckiller power is Ukraine’s primary source of energy, but Russia’s invasion has created serious problems for the industry.

Ukraine / First Batch Of Domestic Uranium Concentrate Sent To Cameco For Processing

Acquisition bolsters Hydrock’s nuclear division

‘ The Warrington-based firm’s client roster, which includes Urenco, Sellafield, and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, will complement Hydrock’s existing relationships in the sector. ‘

UK offers Ukraine nuclear fuel boost through £192m deal with Urenco