Warrington Beware!

Warrington Beware!

High Level Radioactive Waste !

Trains operated by DRS [ Direct Rail Services ] are regularly taken through Warrington Bank Quay station on the way to Sellafield.

They contain highly-radioactive nukiller fuel rods.

These used fuel rods come from various atomic reactors across the UK.

They are the most dangerous cargoes carried on our railways.

They continuously emit low-level-radiation, and any increase in radiation means an increased risk of various cancers.

These Waste Train Cargoes are highly dangerous.

As a result of a serious accident or terrorist attack these flasks could break open, releasing highly-radioactive material that would blow for miles in the wind and could kill thousands of people in the Warrinton area.

What you can do.

– Let others know about these radioactive waste trains.

– Support the campaign to stop more Atomic Power Stations being build at Wylfa, Hinkley, or Moorside. and thus stop more radioactive waste from being created.

– Support the growing campaign to stop nukiller power.

For more information contact :-

Close Capenhurst Campaign

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Email: – closecapenhurst@gmail.com