Countering Capenhurst – February 2022

URENCO at 52

On March 4th it will be 52 years since the founding of URENCO with Treaty of Almelo.

When the 50th anniversary of the treaty occurred in 2020 we stated that was nothing to celebrate.

We will be going back to the Capenhurst plant at 14.00. on March 4th to repeat this statement.

Short news updates

Civil Nukiller Police

Following a Subject Data Access request it has been revealed (amongst other things) that Radioactive Waste Management has given false information to the police/Civil Nuclear Constabulary about the founder of Radiation Free Lakeland

Windscale Mud

Decades of Sellafield’s Reprocessing Waste on the Irish Sea Bed Would be Churned Up by Coal Mine Subsidence

The Same old

Rising tide has just published the following useful piece: –

“Same Old Not New Not Zero Nuclear” (or, most of what you need to know about Nuclear Power in the UK but weren’t nerdy enough to ask).

DRS Updates

DRS Claim to be a Low Carbon Company

DRS continues to try to kid us all that they are concerned about the environment. It is all a part of the nukiller greenwashing which we are all so depressingly familiar with,

Here is just one example from the DRS Website: –

Nuclear Transport Solutions’ rail division has launched a new locomotive design at this year’s Low Carbon Logistics event in Mossend, Scotland.’

Flask Movements.

On January 7th Hunterston B stopped producing electricity having first done so in 1976, and following 8 years of construction.

Now the process of what is known as defuelling has became, and so DRS will be taking the highly radioactive used fuel rods to Windscale / Sellafield for the next three years.

Award Short listing

We are now starting to compile short list for the 2022 George Monbiot Nukiller Greenwash award.

As you will be aware, the award is named after the influential journalist George Monbiot, who mistakenly believes that Nuclear power is the solution to the Global climate change crisis.

So far we have added Drigg and Copeland Council to the short list, but will add more during the year