Countering Capenhurst – Mid April

Urenco cancels Russia contract for uranium waste

– Action group Münsterland against nuclear plants

– Environmental Working Group (AKU) Gronau
– SOFA (Immediate Nuclear Abandonment) Münster
– Federal Association of Citizens’ Initiatives for Environmental Protection

Gronau/Münster, 9 March 2022

Urenco cancels Russia contract for uranium waste

– Reaction to protests and EU sanctions

But: Uranium for Ukraine continues despite war Urenco is supplier of enriched uranium

In reaction to the protests of anti-nuclear initiatives and environmental associations and in view of tightened EU sanctions, the Gronau-based uranium enricher Urenco informed the Westfälische Nachrichten yesterday that it had terminated its contract with the Russian nuclear industry. This means that uranium waste will now no longer be exported from Gronau to Russia. As this has so far been the main route for the disposal of waste residues from the Gronau uranium enrichment plant, Urenco spokesman Chris Breuer spoke of “considerable consequences” for his company. German, Russian and Dutch anti-nuclear initiatives had protested foryears against the irresponsible uranium waste exports. Urenco has now announced an earlier commissioning of the uranium oxide uranium waste storage hall in Gronau, built in 2014.

“We of course welcome the overdue stop of the Russian business at Urenco. But it is very sad that it took a Russian war of aggression in Ukraine to get the Gronau uranium enricher to act. We continue to demand a general stop of uranium exports – enriched uranium has no future for a peaceful and renewableenergy world and dramatically aggravates military conflicts,” says Matthias Eickhoff of Aktionsbündnis Münsterland gegen Atomanlagen.

Very worrying, therefore, is yesterday’s announcement by Urenco that it will continue to provide “assistance” to the supplied nuclear power plants in Ukraine. How this is supposed to be possible in the midst of war, Russian attacks and military occupation is completely unclear. Urenco must completely rethink its own business policy – nuclear power is not the solution, but part of the problem. That is why anti-nuclear and peace initiatives are also demanding the shutdown of the Gronau uranium plant.

For several years, the German-Dutch-British uranium enricher Urenco has been supplying Ukraine with enriched uranium. This is then processed into fuel elements by the US company Westinghouse in Västeras, Sweden, and sent from there to Ukraine. The most recent export licenses for enriched uranium from Gronau to the Swedish fuel element factory were issued on 1 February 2022 and 2 December 2021, according to the export list of the Federal Environment Ministry.

Short News Items

Desert Island Risks

Anyone who knows anything about Sizewell, or has studied the OS map of the area, knows that it will become an island as a result of global warming and rising tides. So the proposal to build new reactors at the site can only be described as totally irresponsible in so many ways.

Nuclear Free Local Authorities Briefings

NFLA Policy Briefing 229b: Update on the Ukrainian Power Plants

Environment Agency’s outrageous fee hike ‘pours cold water’ on future small hydro schemes in England

Mistaken Plans

On March 24th URENCO took part in a meeting with the UK government and the following nukiller power companies: – Aviva Investors, Balfour Beatty, Bechtel Group, EDF Energy, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, L&G, Mace, (UK) NuclearAdvanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Nuclear Power Jacobs, NuScale, Rolls-Royce, Rothesay Life, and Westinghouse Electric.

The subject of this gathering was how to accelerate nukiller energy projects.

DRS Haul 1,000 tonnes of waste to Drigg

‘The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority trumpet their latest “success” – the dumping of more than 1000 tonnes of steel drums filled with nuclear wast at the “Low Level Waste Repository in Drigg, Cumbria – from the redundant Magnox site at Winfrith, Dorset.”

DRS Updates

Flask Movements

On March 3rd a single flask was taken from Crewe to Sizewell and back again.

This was one of the yearly movements which rail companies use in order to maintain an allocated railway route.

CCC Finances and Future Activities

We now have reached a stage in our campaigning at which there is an increasing amount of work which needs to be done over the next year or so.

This work is still falling upon a very small number of activists, especially in Cumbria and the Nukiller North West.

It is all manageable to do, but we do need more people to help support our work.

Thus we will be doing a review of how to forward our campaigning work and how to finance it all over the coming months.

In the meanwhile we are still looking to find more people who can help promote our work in a number of locations, and specifically at Chester, Ellesmere Port, Preston, and all those towns where DRS nukiller waste flasks go through.

We also need more donations in order to promote our work, and in order to engage in much more public education on the dangers posed by the nukiller power industry.