Countering Capenhurst – Year End 2022 – Summary Edition

Updates and What Next ?

This issue of Countering Capenhurst is an information update.


The Return of Thomas the Stank Engine – Part Two

On July 16th we went back to Crewe in order to communicate with those who attended the DRS open day event.

Despite the few of us who turned upon the day, we did manage to distribute just over two thousand leaflets. The DRS Website stated that Three and a half thousand people attended the event.

If anyone is interested in them, then we do have some of the current Thomas the Stank Engine leaflets which can be used at other events.

Out next task will be to draft a leaflet which focuses upon some of the route that the waste flasks are carried along, and the specific dangers that they posse.

DRS Open Day Videos.

Every time there is a DRS Open day event it is followed by many train spotter Youtube videos.

Here are just two examples of what they look like.


There is also the following which looks like it copies DRS propaganda.

There is also a half page colour photograph of the event in the August issue of the Railway Magazine. This is an aerial view which shows something of the scale of the event.

Short News Items

More Power to Millom: NFLA backs new protest group opposed to nuclear waste dump

Chancellor urged to leave Sizewell ‘well alone’

The Nukiller Armed Force

The Civil Nukiller Police ( CNP ) have just published their Strategic Plan for 2022 to 2025.

What’s notable is all the management speak in it, and all the photos of the armed CNP which are to see in it.

It’s well worth looking at if you have never seen such reports in the past.

Type B Gemini container movements.

A first shipment of so called ‘legacy’ waste drums has Magnox Harwell to Sellafield.


New Book

Hughes-Wilson, Colonel John

Eve of Destruction

The Inside story of Our Dangerous nuclear world.

John Blake Publishing 2021

ISBN 978 1 78946 417 7

This well researched book gives a good oversight of the Nukiller disasters, and very many near disasters, which have happened over the years.

It covers both Nukiller Weapons and Nukiller Power.

Website Updates

We have recently been updating what is included upon the CCC website.

The most important change is that we now have the following:-

Forthcoming Protests and Events.

This replaces the ongoing lists which have been included within Countering Capenhurst.

Previous Protests

This lists all of our previous events and protests.

We have also updated the description of our work in the About page.

All of these changes should make our website less clunky to navigate.

At various towns.

During the last couple of years it has been very difficult to organise any events, or distribute any leaflets at the various places which are immediately effected by the nukiller industry.

Thus we look forward to being more proactive again.

But we still need to have more activists within the following towns: –

Chester, Ellesmere Port, Preston, Runcorn, Warrington, and Wigan.

Financial help.

Unlike many large or membership organisations, all of our work is finances my a small number of donations.

Neither do we employ any campaign workers.

So all of our income goes directly in to the work we are engaged upon.

We are currently working upon putting together our campaign budget in order to produce a financial appeal.

This will be published within the next couple of months.

In the Meanwhile.

We are appealing for money so that we can get out to hold more events, and cover our ongoing expenses.