PRESS RELEASE 17th February 2014

Radioactive Waste from nuclear-powered submarines may be stored at Capenhurst.
On 13th February 2014 B.B.C News reported that the Ministry of Defence is considering the URENCO-owned Capenhurst as a storage facility for radioactive waste from disused nuclear submarines.

This announcement raises numerous questions and concerns. For example, what precautions are going to be implemented to ensure that this waste does not contaminate the surrounding environment and, furthermore, what methods will be used to store it.

The prospect of radioactive material being kept at Capenhurst will no doubt worry those in the local community, not least because there is a primary school just yards from the plant.

Further questions which must also be answered are:

1.      How will the waste be safely transported to the plant? Will nearby roads have to be upgraded in order to cope with the heavy traffic which will be going to and from the plant and will this be paid for by the local authority?

2.      Who is responsible for the care and maintenance of the areas in which the waste is stored? Will it be Ministry of Defence, Urenco or the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority?

3.       Capenhurst is currently guarded by the Civil Nuclear Constabulary – who describe themselves as an armed force. Will they now be working with the M.O.D. police to “secure”
the plant?

4.      How much will this cost the taxpayer and how can it be justified at a time when deep cuts are being made in public services.

This announcement refers to the waste being stored until 2040 when the UK’s geological disposal facility is planned to come into operation. Yet all of the proposals to build such a facility are being contested as there is no safe geological site which can be found. So what will happen to this waste once it has been realised that there is no safe place it can be moved to? This proposal clearly shows the link between nuclear weapons and nuclear power, both of which present a great danger to us all.

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