Countering Capenhurst Issue 7 – June Ending 2016

Countering Capenhurst Issue 7 – June Ending 2016

New Reports

The Nuclear Free Local Authorities have just publish their Policy Briefing 145: Nuclear security concerns – how secure is the UK civil nuclear sector?

Nuclear security concerns – how secure is the UK civil nuclear sector?

This report raises a lot of current concerns about the nukiller power industry.


– The fast emerging threat from drones

– Risks from an attack on a nuclear material transport


– Cyber security concerns

Co-Ordinated Waste Train Protests

– Saturday July 23rd.

This is the DRS [ Direct Rail Services ] open day at Crewe.

There will be some activists leafleting outside of the DRS Crewe depot that day.

There will also be co-ordinate leafleting sessions outside many of the railway stations which nukiller waste trains go though.

So far confirmed leafleting sessions include two in London, Bridgewater, Carnforth in Cumbria, and various locations in North Wales.

Full details of these protests will be published at the start of July.

What the Hex?

Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride is a nukiller waste product which is stored in very large quantities in the grounds at Capenhurst.

New publications

Updated Leaflets

We have just updated our leaflets about nukiller waste transport.

Chester Beware !


Warrington Beware !

New Stickers.

There are new sheets of stickers with the CCC logo on them.

We would like to thank the Footprint Workers Co-op for the Solidarity support they gave in printing them for us.

Yet More on the Urenco Partnership with the Science Museum

Urenco have given put more information about their sponsorship of the new Science Museum Gallery which opens later on on this your

Activists within Kick Nuclear are also aware of this, and will hold a protest outside of the museum when it opens. Though there is no exact date as to just when that will be,